The Buying Process

You’re probably excited and anxious to get started, right?  There’s a process to buying your home.  Understanding the steps involved will make the process go smoothly.  Keep in mind the more information that I have concerning your personal information, the easier it will be to help find the home you’re looking for.  The key word to find your home is communication. Let’s get started!!

STEP 1.  AGENCY DISCLOSURE.  Simply put, in what capacity will I be representing you.  There are three types.  1) Buyer Agency, 2) Dual Agency and 3) Seller Subagency.  Each is important and must be disclosed to other involved parties.

STEP 2.  PREQUALIFICATION.  To save time, a short financial history is needed.  It would be a waste of time and effort for us to look for, and find, the home you want, only to have the whole deal go bad because you couldn’t qualify to but it.  This prequalification takes as little as 10-15 minutes and is designed to give us both an idea about what price home you can afford. You can call Asuka, our in-house Countrywide Home Loan Consultant, at 910.526.3543, or e-mail her at for a free no obligation pre-qualification.   This home loan professional will give you an idea of how much house you can afford and provide you with competitive interest rates.

STEP 3.  THE SEARCH.  Once we know what price range to look in, it’s very important that we understand your motivations and desires. The more information we know about the home you want, the greater the chances are we’ll find that special home. Let’s go look!

STEP 4.  THE OFFER.  Once we find your new home, we’ll be making an “Offer toPurchase.”  In the offer, we’ll be writing up the facts, figures, and information about the purchase.  At this point, you’re telling the seller that you’re interested in buying the house if we can agree on the conditions proposed in the “Offer.”

STEP 5.  HANDLING THE DETAILS.  Once an “Offer  to Purchase” has been accepted by the buyers and the sellers, it becomes a legal, binding contract on all parties.  Many details are taken care of “behind the scenes” after an accepted offer.  The propertysurveylender financing, pest report, appraisal, etc. are just a few of the things to stay on top of.  As your Realtor, it’s my job to keep the process moving and keep you informed on the progress.

STEP 6.  THE CLOSING.  Once all the details have been taken care of, a date will be set for us to sign the documents and the home it will be in YOUR name.  Congratulations!! You’re now a homeowner.

STEP 7.  AFTER THE SALE.  You’ve purchased your home and we’re almost finished with the process.  After closing, the documents you signed are taken to the courthouse and placed into public record.  That makes it official.

STEP 8.  OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU.  As your local real estate professionals, we will be with you every step of the way for support and guidance.  It’s important for us to stay in contact with you even after the sale.  You’ve purchased your home through the Jacksonville Realty Group, Inc. Our commitment to customer service continues long after the sale.  Rest assured we will be there for you!